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BEK Communications Acquires CyberNet Security

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Published: Jun 01, 2021

North Dakota’s Only Pure-Play Cyber Security Company

BEK Communications announces the acquisition of CyberNet Security, further strengthening the portfolio of quality services offered to our customers.

CyberNet Security provides full spectrum solutions to protect the digital information and brand of your business. They offer sophisticated system assessments to determine potential weaknesses, and their industry-certified thought leaders provide strategy, consultation, and support to mitigate identified gaps in protection.

Derrick Bulawa, CEO of BEK: “CyberNet Security is the ideal partner to expand our quality communications services commitment to our customers. John and his team are one of the foremost authorities when it comes to cyber protection, and we are pleased to welcome them to the BEK family.”

John Nagel, CyberNet Security Founder and CEO, is an entrepreneur and native North Dakotan who formed the company in 2017. His global technology experience and innovative business approach created the only pure-play cybersecurity company in the state, focusing on protecting critical infrastructure from the inside out. In addition to becoming BEK’s Chief Security Officer and VP of Market Development, Nagel will continue to lead the cyber security business.

John Nagel: “We are thrilled to join forces with BEK in bringing cyber security services to their customers and expanding cyber security offerings to North Dakota businesses and the 9 other states BEK serves today.”

The emphasis on high-speed connectivity in today’s work environment makes cyber security a crucial component that companies and individuals can no longer ignore. On a global scale, cyber fraud is infiltrating and crippling all aspects of daily life, resulting in billions of dollars lost annually.

With this purchase, BEK is positioned to be a leader in cyber security services, providing a systematic approach for cyber readiness and risk management strategies.