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We are singularly focused on Cyber Security
Our industry-certified thought leaders help you stay ahead of potential risks.

Our industry-certified thought leaders help you stay ahead of potential risks by using the latest methodologies. You can recognize critical threats sooner and protect your digital assets, ensuring confidence in your clients to do business with you.


The CyberNet Security team works with you to provide a well-defined framework to reduce cyber risks to critical infrastructure that involves all stakeholders in your business. The framework is built to allow for flexibility over time in order to maximize success.

>> Security Policies & Procedures – We assist your organization in writing security policy. The guidelines set forth in the framework provide instructions on how to communicate and enforce the policies set in place.
>> Incident Response Plan – Included in the Security Framework is an incident response plan that will instruct your company on how to detect, respond to and limit the effects of an information security incident.


Advances in technology have made access to information simpler and quicker than ever before. This has enabled increased productivity for employees as well as easier transaction access for your customers and vendors. However, the ever-growing volumes of data also represent security risks. Cybercrime continues to grow at an alarming rate. As the threat landscape has changed, multiple layers are needed to protect computer systems and network devices from highly sophisticated attacks.

CyberNet Security vulnerability assessments enable your organization to minimize security risks. The current condition of your system assets is assessed to determine just how susceptible your systems and devices are to cyber attacks and how they will measure up in a security breach. Vulnerabilities are identified and prioritized in order to determine a remediation plan.


The cost of data breaches in the U.S. continues to escalate. Malicious or criminal attacks continue to be the primary cause of data breaches, followed by system glitches and negligent employees. Criminal attacks are most costly and can destroy the trust that an organization has built with its customers and vendors.

To ensure your digital assets are protected, a controlled attack on your computer system is performed to detect security weaknesses and the vulnerability of your network. This includes testing firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), which notifies you if someone is trying to gain access to your system without your permission, and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), which involves blocking certain ports to restrict access or locking the system after a number of failed password attempts.


Web applications provide the interface between a business’ most sensitive assets: its data and its users. Proper controls on information flow are extremely important.

We provide holistic assessments on the web application itself, looking for as many vulnerabilities as we can find. An examination is conducted of your website pages, applications and web servers to evaluate your company’s web application by thoroughly analyzing how it handles malicious input. This type of audit determines the security of your system’s configuration, environment, software, information handling processes and user practices.


Employee training is a factor that has been shown to reduce the cost of data breach. As threats continue to grow in both number and sophistication, the complexity and range of those threats have morphed from “simple” viruses and worms to full-fledged cyber-terrorism. With the expanding complexity and reach of threats, it is important that your organization’s human assets have received proper security training.

Our CyberNet Security team provides customized security awareness training to your organization, educating employees about corporate security policies and procedures when working with information technology.


A social engineering attack is usually conducted by someone who will use a variety of tricks on a computer user to get information they need to access a computer or network. Social engineering is the most difficult form of attack to defend against because it cannot be defended with hardware or software alone, and the majority of the time the attack comes from someone within the organization.

Employee education is the key. CyberNet Security will work with an organization to implement policies, procedures and standards to safeguard against social engineering attacks. We provide training with the tools to understand how best to protect assets and educate employees.


With the advent of wireless technology, hackers no longer need physical access to connect to your hard-wired infrastructure. Therefore, it is critical to test for proper security and encryption, signal overlap/interference, coverage and rogue access point detection. We have you covered in this arena by testing for these items either onsite or remotely, and provide reports highlighting areas of concern.


Physical security is far too often a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of deployment. It’s common to install a few locks, a couple of cameras and a gate, making you feel secure. The reality is locks can be broken, cameras can stop working or miss key coverage areas and gates can be left open. It’s critical to have someone regularly checking for weaknesses in your physical defenses, and that’s where we come in.

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